Tuesday, April 9, 2013

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well, i woke up with a migraine on the left side of my head, neck, shoulder last thursday morning. it was a mild one thank you jesus and i was able to function throughout the day without too much trouble. i was discouraged, though, and this migraine was out of the norm for me. without over-sharing - which really means i'm going to over-share, so prepare yourself - i typically get just one migraine toward the end of my period. but last thursday i hadn't even started my period and, yet, here was a migraine!

major bummer.

and then i woke up with another stinkin migraine on sunday morning! this time on the right side of my head, neck, shoulder.

double major bummer.

i started my period on saturday so that means two migraines already and i haven't even gotten to the end of my period yet!


i'm at a loss.

so i graduated from the sugar detox. and it went very well. but my desired outcome (no migraines) hasn't occurred. in fact, it would seem as though the opposite has occurred. i'll continue to let you know how it goes.

in other news, graham told me when he grows up he's going to marry me. and you know i encouraged that oedipus complex one thousand percent and declared that of course i would love nothing more than to marry him. love that boy.

if you saw our easter photos you'll note that graham's lips are completely healed. the stitches were removed from his bottom lip one week before easter. the swelling in his top lip went down slowly and he looks back to his normal self now.

what else?

oh! it's so fun to see the things people type into search engines in order to end up on my blog. things like "DIY family tree" and they end up HERE or "white house christmas decorations" and they end up HERE or "stomach virus" and they end up HERE. but my favorite so far is that people are searching for "extreme candyland" and finding THIS. i love that people are searching for it by name. in fact, my extreme candyland post has been reposted HERE and HERE and HERE.  i'm so happy the concept is taking off and that it has been helpful to others. slightly weirded out, though, that photos of my children are so very public. but i guess that's the life of a blogger?

moving on...

here are photos of a paper i found on my husband's desk:

this is what my husband does.

in his spare time.

for fun.

this is why my husband cannot remember to take out the trash.

not that i'm bitter about that.

i saw the paper and knew i wanted to take a picture of it so i could post it here but when i went back to photograph it, it was gone. i asked jer what he had done with it. he asked me why i wanted to know. smiling, i told him i wanted to take a picture of it. he looked up at me, chuckled, and said, "you want to post it on your blog, don't you?" you know me oh so well, honey. i love you and your beautiful, crazy-intelligent mind. even when it forgets to take out the trash.

moving on again...

i never did fill you in on all the details of our spring break. i believe i mentioned HERE that my mom came out for a visit. we drove to the airport to fetch her at 7:30 sunday night. we got the boys down for bed, chatted for a bit and settled in ourselves. at 10:30 graham went to the bathroom and vomited everywhere. e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e. happy spring break to us! it seemed like he had the same stomach virus that hit harrison back in january. poor graham puked all night long. he and i slept - there really wasn't any sleeping, but we tried to sleep - on the bathroom floor. it was a long night.

it was a big blessing to have my mom here because it's nice to have adult communication while you are stuck inside with sick kiddos. and she was able to play with harrison while i tended to graham and vice versa. graham felt yucky for the better part of three days, almost the entire time my mom was here, so we just hung out around the house. it was casual and relaxing and low-key - a great visit! we did get to dye easter eggs...

these were dyed with the popular shaving cream + food coloring method that was all over pinterest this year. i might be making that up because i'm not on pinterest. it's a rabbit hole i'm just too afraid to go down. but i do hear pinterest chatter from my friends. and this dye job was chattered about.  they turned out alright. it wasn't my favorite method. i really like the ones we dyed with my mom last easter using old silk ties. oh! i found an old iphone photo!

the pattern from the necktie transfers onto the egg. kinda cool huh? and no dyed fingers!!

my mom brought the boys matchbox cars and larger trucks so we got out the race track and the play mat. i think my mom may have been the only one who actually put on real clothes each day. the boys and i stayed in pajamas/yoga pants for most of spring break.

i love this photo of my mom and graham. it's shows her classic smile. harrison was being a stinker and didn't want his picture taken. graham obliged us but this was the very best shot i got of him. he was being a stinker too. his hair was so funny. the one thing - one thing! - i wanted to do while my mom was here was to get both boy's hair cut. of course that didn't happen. what did happen was allowing graham to go to sleep immediately after his bath, wet hair and all, which resulted in lots of cute cowlick action up top.

so that's the recap of spring break.

and that's all the random stuff i can come up with at the moment.

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